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About Us

As student and teacher of the photographic arts for more than a decade, I fell in love with every aspect of photography. I hope to master every part of the process involved in creating beautiful images.

From traditional darkroom work to the latest trends in digital processing and manipulation, I have exercised my skills as both a technician and artist.

Though a strong portraitist, I prefer shooting candid moments that reveal the characteristics of my clients. Like a flash of lightning or a stolen kiss, I find the most exciting photographs spring from the surprise of the unplanned moment.

Moving from New Mexico to Texas in 2007 only sparked my creative interests more. I take the opportunity to study the art of photography every chance I get in order to keep up with new, innovative techniques.

From taking sports action shots to location weddings to studio work, I strive to give my clients a wide variety of techniques and venues. I offer a fine line of creative enhancements, including painting.